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The Big Lebowski Annotated Timeline


This was not my first annotated timeline but it's certainly the most well received. And it's one of the better timelines to show the journey of a lone protagonist. Follow the Dude as he navigates from place to place searching for his rug going to and coming from the bowling alley and where Walter and Donny were as he continued on his sojourn.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of The Wrath of Khan


This was the first Annotated Timeline I did shortly after see Randal Munroe's cartoon timelines of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and other just to make a joke about the movies Twelve Angry Men and Primus. We all take inspiration from somewhere. Though the concept is similar the end results are quite different.

The timeline of this movie graphically shows the near perfect setup as Kirk and Khan make their way to the eventual meeting where you know only one will survive. I placed three types of annotations here. Items I thought worked well helped set the tone, things that didn't work well and were a slight distraction, and lastly things that downright should have been left on the cutting room floor.

And least we forget, I've included all the Moby Dick references especially the "That She Blows" from Khan.

Terminator Annotated Timeline


The third completed timeline is Terminator. Originally it was laid out in one horizontal line so the three movies could be viewed straight through. After much consternation, I found all three would never fit on the standard 36 inch format. When I finally realized that wasn't a necessity, the stacked format appeared and all was well.

Red Dwarf Annotated Timeline

In The Works

I had originally produced the Red Dwarf Time Travel Timeline as a web graphic. That meant it didn't matter what size it was. Now that I'm considering putting it on paper I need to recalibrate everything to make it fit nicely on a post.