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Star Trek: TOS - Duty Roster

This project taught me a grand lesson. Be careful the type of data you will make a good chart.

Originally I began this by collecting information on Star Trek tropes from TV Tropes. I intended to capture who various tropes were used across the 80 original episodes. But unfortunately it devolved into the most convoluted mess imaginable. And the problem is what I refer to as Fan-Edited data. This is the situation when you have many reasonably knowledgable fans all editing the wikia but not really communicating well with one another. This leads to strange offshoots, and conflicting data on different pages. This problem can also be found on the Memory Alpha site when dealing with unnamed crewman.

On many occasions, I would pull the tropes from an episode saying this or that trope was used. But when I went to that episode's individual trope page, that trop did exist. In addition, I found tropes on the individual pages that were nowhere to be found on the general page. But the worst thing was find the same situation on two different pages classed under two different tropes. Then I found that some items I considered tropes weren't even on the list(s). In the end, it became 100% unmanageable.

So I threw the idea out the window and started again.

I turned to one of the tropes detaining the revolving navigator's seat where there seemed to be a different person in the navigator's chair each episode. This was before Chekov got that position in season two. I though it might be interesting to find who worked what job in each episode. But as with the Buffy Body Count, there just wasn't a viable list available. Soon, that meant I needed to watch all 80 episodes and tally the information myself.

Though there were only 80 episodes compared to the 144 episodes of Buffy, it took more time and effort. I had to watch each episode with far more intensity in order to catch everything going on in the background then attempt to figure out who that person was doing that job. That meant watching the same episodes two or more times.

In the end I was satisfied with the results.

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Star Trek Union Patches

Here are the first two of Star Trek Union Patches I designed. The rest will follow shortly.

I thought the three words in the circle described their job adequately.

Some people say that wasn't an actual job but after studying the episode closely I have no doubt those were waitresses, not yeoman on the bridge.