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Un-Aspirational Card-Whining

We all have our troubles. And some people's troubles are worse than others. Everyone understands that. But it's those people who seem to think that we actually want to listen to them day in and day out constantly kvetching about the same old things.

So here's a card especially for that person in your life...

The Un-Aspirational Cards start off mostly as art. These poster have text on them, many times quite a bit, which needs to be removed and the area filled in with the appropriate background or foreground. Some are quit easy and take very little time. Others contain text over some very complex images.

I call it an exercise in Photoshop.


Un-Aspirational Card-Expectations

Continuing with the series of Un-Aspirational Cards, here's something many people should do. Makes life easier when you protect yourself from being disappointed.

As my search continues I'm finding quote a bit more than expected in the way of public domain imagery. I'm surprised I don't see more of it being used in other art projects. Well I'm certainly going to make use of it as much as possible.