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SteelCityCon-December 2016


Went to SteelCityCon on Saturday. After attending a few I'm getting to know some of the artist better. It's great to talk shop with people with the same interest as I have. Got some good advise on how to continue with the production of the book and actions I should take next.

But the best thing I heard was the mass of encouragement to get it printed when it's finished and continue on with the story. On artist said even though this subject matter was not something that interested him, he liked to style and said it reflected the era fairly well. I will probably work toward getting a booth at a future con (either by myself or splitting one with another artist.).

Shane also thought that some of my other work would do well in the Artist Alley. He particularly like the medieval version of Jabberwocky. I can see I will need to come up with some money in order to make prints of a few items. Again, another expense I don't have the money for but looks like will be a necessity to get into the game.

Working at home by myself can be a drudgery at times. With no conversation on artistic subjects, it occasionally feels like I'm barking up the wrong tree. Wandering around the floor at Artist's Alley gives me a renewed outlook on my art that I am heading in a good direction. Time will tell if it's actually one that will be financially benefitical.


Test Print Ordered and the SteelCity Con

Star Trek Duty Roster

Just ordered my test print of the Star Trek Duty Roster. When I've confirmed the print is good, I'll post the announcements on the social media sites.

Steel City Con

Went to the Steel City Con today and spoke to many of the artists there regarding intellectual property rights and problems. None have had any run-ins with companies yet. They tell me that try to keep their heads down and not make big waves so as to not be noticed. Part of that is not do large print runs that show up somewhere. They also stay firmly entrenched in satire and parody—two safe havens.

But that's where my work doesn't go. It's a collection of data which is turned into a piece of data art. There's no satire or parody involved, just lots and lots of facts and data.

But one artist I met at the con, Ed Beard, thinks that the data may be what sets it apart. It's not anything you'd normally see from a company to display their property but you would see in an analysis or review of the property. He said he would check with some legal people he knows and find out what they think.

It would certainly be great if this type of work could be published without fear of getting my butt handed to me from some legal team for copyright infringement. I'll be anxious to see what Ed has to say