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While sifting through my reference books for characters, I discovered that maintaining the books in their original order made looking up material quite difficult. Some books contained as many as eight different characters and stories. And most of the stories in a book were 4-8 pages long. To read the whole story meant going through each individual book and finding the story you were reading. Very time-consuming.

If this was all being done with paper editions of the comics, that would necessarily be the way it would have to be done. But workmen with .cbz and .cbr files makes it possible to convert them to their original jpg files and sort the stories out into folders for each individual character.

So that's what I did this past week.

But that means I did not have the opportunity to work on a new page last week. So much of this process it new and I find out that when things are getting behind, it's usually due to needing to tweak the production process.Most tweaks are small and only cause small setbacks. This, on the other hand, took a week. It was a necessary measure. It doesn't matter than I missed getting a page out this week. Fo that, there are never any good excuses.

As a consolation prize, I present a few ads I found while taking apart the comics to form my art folders.