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What I Learned About Digital Art

In the past weeks, since beginning this venture of the Earth PD Comic, I've learned many things in design, drawing, and digital art. I will now keep a running log of those discoveries. These first few will be from memory which is not the best way. Future things I learned will be on the spot.

Making Brushes

Illustrator has a variety of built-in calligraphy and art brushes. It seemed like a good place to start. I soon found these were lacking for my needs. So I began searching for tutorials on brush making and found different methods from different people. I found the common thread that ran through these tutorials was they showed me exactly what I needed but somehow, it didn't turn out the way the tutorial told it would. There was always something just a little off in the end.

I concluded that being a complex program with many intricate settings, it's easy for one artist to have their program set up to their specifications and this leading to getting particular results when they make brush. Or some important detail is not mentioned in the tutorial that causes my brush to not give me the results I viewed in their video.

It was after much trying and failing that I got the brushes I wanted. It was necessary to view these tutorials, more than once, pulling out bits and pieces from each then combine all this accumulated knowledge to get the results I expected


Tutorials that show drawing a line, turning initiate a shape, then tweaking that shape all have one thing lacking - addressing the initial thickness of the line used and the size of the artboard. I watch them create a line. I duplicate the procedure exactly. My line is inherently much thicker than I see in the video. My conclusion was the artboard must be large to have that brush look perfect when they're drawing over their sketch.

Action Taken (or will be taking)

The action I will be taking is an experiment with doubling the size of my dartboard and fitting my template to match the new size. I will create the brushes as seen in the video and see if I do indeed, get the results as seen on the vide.