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Design-Dark Side Of The Moon folder

A few years back I submitted a design for a company's folder. I was told they were really picky. I had no idea just how picky a job it would be. I submitted several designs in various styles, Organic, 1940s French, Swiss Style, and a few others. Everything got rejected. I even patterned a few off of their previous work from 10 and 20 years previous. These two were rejected. Not because they looked like what cam before, but the person judging the work, "just didn't like it.".

My last one I patterned after Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. Of course, that got rejected also. But that didn't stop me from thinking it was the best of the lot.

Makes one wonder how many really great ideas end up in the garbage because the person whose job it is to accept or reject the art just doesn't like what is submitted.


Earth P.D.-No More Mr. Nice Guy

You take a look at comics today and although the hero is extremely scary, they rarely actually kill the criminals. There are exceptions to this url (Deadpool, Wolverine, and a few others) but most play by the no kill rule. In Batman's first year of publication he killed 20 criminals. In reality, many of the Golden Age heroes killed the criminals when they have the opportunity.

The world was not a nurturing place when these books were published. Either the war was looming over the horizon or America was knee deep in death overseas. Is it any wonder that there was so much violence in the comics also.

So in the land of Earth P.D. The Flag has been fighting saboteurs from the 1940s for 70+ years. After perpetually repeating these stories over and over again, maybe he got a little frustrated and decided to make life a little easier for everyone involved.


Un-Aspirational Card-Whining

We all have our troubles. And some people's troubles are worse than others. Everyone understands that. But it's those people who seem to think that we actually want to listen to them day in and day out constantly kvetching about the same old things.

So here's a card especially for that person in your life...

The Un-Aspirational Cards start off mostly as art. These poster have text on them, many times quite a bit, which needs to be removed and the area filled in with the appropriate background or foreground. Some are quit easy and take very little time. Others contain text over some very complex images.

I call it an exercise in Photoshop.


Earth P.D.-Swimming PSA from Skyrocket Steele

The Golden Age was not without its share of deeds that defied not only physics, but also common sense. I remember those PSA and lectures about swimming safe. That if in the water, the first thing you do is remove your shoes as they're weight you down. And if you're wearing bulky clothing, get rid of it before you get tangled up in it.

So this is probably a worst case scenario of what NOT to do.

And on top of all the above points, where is her scuba gear?


Earth P.D.-Cat-Man Learns His Lesson>

We all realized how intelligent a superhero movie The Incredibles was but it had one outstanding line. A line which has become a standard when talking about any superhero with a cape.

Edna had it so, so correct when she scolded Bob about him wanting a long, flowing cape and she goes off on a tirade about all the heroes who bite the dust due to their capes. But we still see a never-ending parade of them in the comics.

But least we think this is a modern problem, here's a panel from a Cat-Man book from the 1940s. Cat-Man is being sucked into a giant funnel by his cape in the same way that the heroine Edna describes got sucked into that jet engine. (at this time I can't remember the heroine's name.)

Just remember this lesson when you're creating your next character. Capes look wonderful but could be extremely hazardous to their well-being.