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One Multiverse Among Many-04

First, the link Multiverse story: Link to One Multiverse Among Many.

Slight Delay

Slight delay caused by running into something that Illustrator didn't like and I had no idea how to find it other than the brute force method. It took some effort but the problem has been neutralized.

When I started this project I wanted to recreate only the effects that would have been found in books from period. No fancy filters, transparency, and the like. In my research into the halftones and Ben-Day dots, I tested what I wanted an effect to look like with a transparency. After I have created the effect with Ben-Day dots, I forgot to remove the transparency from the layer. Saving the file as .ai had no problems. It was when I needed to save as an .eps file, Illustrator got very indigent. After waiting for the file for 10 ten minutes to get past 8% while saving told me I had to locate the errant object. This has also delayed the character sheets for the new characters, Echo, his brother Dr. Doom, and his sister Cora. Those are on the agenda for this weekend.

My workflow is becoming smoother and drawing and coloring methods I thought would work well (and didn't( have been replaced. I can see the time saved with these changes.

The Ben-Day dots (and work on the halftones) will enable me to expand my coloring system. Since there is no Ben-Day filter in Illustrator, this all needs to be accomplished manually. First devising the dot patterns in various sizes and spacings, saving these images as patterns, and saving them all to a single library. Although it would have been much faster to have that built into Illustrator, dredging up that printing information from the back of my mind was a wonderful exercise. It's a good feeling knowing I've developed an old printing technique on a computer.

Ben-Day Dots vs. Halftone dots

Ben-Day dots differ from halftone dots in that the Ben-Day dots are always of equal size and distribution in a specific area. Wikipedia

Ben-Day Dots

Halftone Dots

Page 4

Page 4 continues the story by introducing more new characters.

Echo, a rich socialite who wears an invisibility belt, has a radioactive ring (no kidding) that gives him paralysis vision, and he's a ventriloquist to boot!. Dr. Doom, Frail of body but brilliant of brain, carrying on the science research of his dead father! Inventor of the invisibility belt and radioactive ring. Cora, their sister, Sad, but steadfast, living only to see justice done on her parent's evil destroyers. Her sole talent was wearing a different red dress in every story.

When I started this project, i knew that Dynamite Comics had their own storylines using these Public Domain characters. Since there were hundreds of characters, I knew I could find other characters and create my own story. I created a database and pulled all the information from the Public Domain Super Hero wikia, and sketched out my storyline. While work progressed on the story, I created the first two pages of the prelude. This gave me the opportunity to test some techniques to learn what would work and what would need revamped. Found out quite a bit was going to need work. Inking and coloring on the computer is completely different than using traditional materials.

It picks up the story from Dynamic Comics #13 as they are investigating a neighbor's erratic behavior. But as with The Purple Zombie's story, things go a little different. Seems to be a trend.

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