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May 2016

2 MAY 2016 - Working on a set of union shirts for the Enterprise. Each job will eventually have it's own union patch.

6 MAY 2016 - Teeshirts and bags done for the first set of Star Trek Union Patches.

10 MAY 2016 - Crusades Teeshirt finished.


The Crusades-Middle East Tours

A few weeks ago I was thinking about some of the great teeshirts I've owned over the years. One that I bought at a Pennsic in the 90s was The Black Death-European Tour teeshirt. It was an neat idea doing it as a tour shirt for a heavy metal band.

When I told a friend about it, they thought the Crusades would make a good shirt also. Okay, I'll look into it. I soon found out it wasn't as easy as it appeared. Obviously, there is no consensus about the number of crusades, the scope of each crusade, and whether some expeditions were, or were not, actual crusades.

This left it up to me to find an list I thought fit well with the project and go with it. Below is the final design, a crazed crusader on the front and the list of crusades on the back.

The teeshirt is done for black shirts only. The entire design would need retrofit to put it on the white tees.


Star Trek Union Badges


Got the first four Star Trek Union Patches uploaded to CafePress. Now placing the images on various product. It's not an intuitive site so it takes more time than I'd like. And though it may not be necessary, I upload various sizes rather than a one size fits all image. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Here are a few bag choices.

Press to go to my CafePress store.

There are probably a few more badges I have left to do and then there's the process of placing them on all the products. That's why I'm limiting the number of products I'm begin. So much time involved at the store.


The Union Label

Working on patches for the various unions on the Enterprise. There's the Engineers union for Scotty, The Telephone Operator's union for Uhura, The Wessel Navigator's union for Chekov, and finally, The Bridge Waitress union for Yeoman Rand. These four will start the set. Here's the initial set of four.

Currently the designs are for teeshirts but I'm resizing them to fit on many other items on the site.

And looking at the image I realize I left off the local number from the engineer's patch. That will be included when the images get uploaded.


April 2016

28 APR 2016 - First mention of the Jabberwocky in Latin poster under Manuscripts

26 APR 2016 - Star Trek Duty Roster is uploaded and the poster is available. Information in this blog post under Posters

23 APR 2016 - Spent three days upgrading file with suggestions from Jürgen and my observations.

20 APR 2016 - Got the poster in the mail. Discussed with Jürgen some potential problems.

18 APR 2016 - The Star Trek Duty Roster poster is on its way. As soon as I verify the printing is good I will put the poster live and begin the social media promotion. Added a few new items.

16 APR 2016 - Got the first CafePress store activated with a minimum of products. Digging through library of graphic files for more source material.