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Where The Wild Things Are - Gothic Manuscript style

Of all my medieval manuscript pieces, this was always my favorite. Taking Maurice Sendak's picture book and creating a two-page medieval gothic spread. And yes, this is the entire text of that 40-page picture book, all 338 words. The scene on the bottom of the first page has Max dancing with the wild things but these wild things are some of the fantastic grotesques from medieval martginalia.


Here's the Jabberwocky poem as you've never seen it before. Lewis Carroll's poem from Through the Looking Glass is translated into 13th century Latin and surrounded by all your favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Turkish Turga

While doing calligraphy in the 1990s, and specially Faux-Alphabets*, I had always wanted to create one of those beautiful Turgas that sat at the top of an Ottoman Freman**. The piece measured 15 inches by 22 inches with the Turga taking up the top ⅓. The individual flowers measured approximately ¼ to ½; inch in size. It's done in guoache, inkia ink, and gold paint.

* English scripts that are designed to appear as a different language

** A document which conferred anything from land titles and commendations to an Attaboy you did a good job sweeping out the temple.