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Pop Culture Data Artist, Infographics, Network Design Art, Technical Writing...

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SteelCity Con

August 11-13 2017

Artist Alley

WV PopCon

August 26-27 2017

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Camp Comicon

September 8-10 2017


Greensburg Pop-Up Art Show

September 8 2017

Artist Alley

Youngstown Indie Creators

September 9 2017

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Nittany Con

September 23 2017


Parkersburg Con

September 30 2017


BlurrieCon 5

October 13-15 2017


Akron Comicon

November 4-5 2017


3 Rivers Con

May 20-21 2018

Artist Alley

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Where The Wild Things Are - Gothic Manuscript style


Of all my medieval manuscript pieces, this was always my favorite. Taking Maurice Sendak's picture book and creating a two-page medieval gothic spread. And yes, this is the entire text of that 40-page picture book, all 338 words. I am considering printing this piece for the next con.

Turkish Turga


While doing calligraphy in the 1990s, and specially Faux-Alphabets*, I had always wanted to create one of those beautiful Turgas that sat at the top of an Ottoman Freman**. The piece measured 15 inches by 22 inches with the Turga taking up the top ⅓. The individual flowers measured approximately ¼ to ½; inch in size. It's done in guoache, inkia ink, and gold paint.

* English scripts that are designed to appear as a different language

** A document which conferred anything from land titles and commendations to an Attaboy you did a good job sweeping out the temple.