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Pop Culture Data Artist, Infographics, Network Design Art, Technical Writing...

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Tumblr - Interesting pages and panels selectively pulled from mostly newer comics.

Earth P.D. comics - My 1940s style comic done entirely digitally. This project is currently on hiatus.

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The Present

Since I initially created this page a new items needs added. I've fallen back in love with comic books. But not reading and collecting (though I am doing that) but rather, writing and drawing comic books. And it's something a tad different than what I'm seeing out there by the big companies and the individual creative artists. I'm working on re-creating a 1940s comic book art style with 1940s comic book characters. It's really not as easy as it sounds. Drawing that four-color press system digitally has been one of the biggest challenges I've ever encountered. But after nine months, I've gotten a pretty good hold on it.

Data Visualization is a big new buzz word today. My time at The Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon gave me some interesting insights of the world of Big Data though that was mostly in an Exploratory Design sense. As an artist, I prefer smaller datasets using Explanatory Design techniques. With my art skills I turn complex data into easy, entertaining, and visually pleasing art. I find datasets from pop culture well suited for my Data Illustrations.

I love designing art with data. It's a style of art that has come to the forefront in a big way. Taking data which, at first, initially appears overwhelming or is set in a standard table of numbers, and turning it into an image that people can understand—well that gives me satisfaction. Solving problems also helps make a job interesting. So one thing I look for in a job is how interesting the work will be.

This website contains my movie narratives, data illustrations, infographics, essay and technical writing, networks, design, maps, charts, info-graphics, and faux alphabets. It's a combination of research, design, graphics, and writing up the finished piece. There's also the beginnings of new projects using network analysis, d3.js, text mining, design tools and Illustrator. It's never too late to learn a new trick or three.

Dr. Pfeffer [Jürgen] and I write articles for the Doctor Who magazine, Whotopia and have sent in our second Doctor Who sonic screwdriver article to Whotopia. We'll be seeing it appear in print shortly. We are also working on a paper for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series.

In the sidebar to the right is a list of projects giving an overview of my current work and the direction it is taking.

The Past

Before I began work as a data artist, I worked as the following:

  • technical writer
  • data munger
  • multilingual desktop publisher
  • graphic designer
  • database admin
  • mapmaker
  • data researcher
  • calligrapher/illuminator
  • painter
  • data entry operator
  • lingerie model photographer
  • file clerk
  • computer store manager
  • overhead crane operator
  • electrician helper
  • waiter
  • third helper on a blast furnace
  • overhead crane operator
  • carpenter
  • car mechanic
  • lifeguard

And now, the funny bits...

I am a robust character, often seen chewing gum and flying kites. I have been known to crochet scarves for people at bus stops on my lunch breaks making their attire more efficient in the area of heat retention. I translate bad puns in extinct languages, I write Pulitzer-winning novellas. I manage time efficiently. Occasionally, I blow bubbles for hours. I seduce women with my heavenly eggplant Parmesan. I speak fluent cat but still haven’t mastered turtle. I hard-boil eggs without water. I am an expert sweeper, a despot of love, and an fugitive from Morganza.

I found my way through the garden maze in record time. Using only a protractor and a knitting needle, I mastered the Rubik’s cube. I play jazz auto-harp, I was scouted by a pro curling team and I am the subject of someone’s PhD thesis. When I’m lonely, I build replicas of Mount Rushmore in the garden. I enjoy urban cat herding. On Wednesdays, after work, I groom small furry creatures free of charge.

I am a renaissance thinker, a rock-solid draftsman, and an antagonistic music collector. My original line of burlap swimwear was considered to a Paris fashion show. I don’t blink. I am a private individual, yet people seek me out for advice about their tropical animals. I have been the third caller and have won the weekend getaway. Last year, I toured Europe with a traveling flea circus. I have shot under par. My delicate paisley designs have earned me fame in international fabric circles. Children like me.

I can hurl jellybeans at flying insects with deadly accuracy. I once read The Lathe of Heaven, Moby Dick, and The Cat in the Hat and wrote a combined book report, which my former English teacher termed ‘amazing’. I know the exact location of every item in my local Target. I perform telepathic communications with dogs while I sleep but only when I sleep in a chair. While on vacation in the Rocky Mountains, I saved a family of five from being mauled by a bear using only a duck and a hose. I have been known to defy the laws of quantum mechanics.

I bob, I duck, I unfold, I frolic, and my bed is made. On weekends, to relax, I participate in three-dimensional bingo. Years ago I discovered the secret of life but forgot to write it down. I have made extraordinary meals using nothing more than Bunsen burner and a waffle iron. I grow award-winning basil. I have won at tiddly-winks in Malaysia, snorkeling competitions in Chile, and Charades at the Taj Mahal. I have played Hamlet, performed tooth extractions, and I know the truth about Jack and Marilyn.