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Doctor Who Social Network

While at Carnegie Mellon University I had the pleasure of working with some excellent data scientists where I learned a skill set totally foreign to me. It wasn't a unique skill set but wasn't something people would normally think of when they think of university course.

I asked Dr. Jürgan Pfeffer for some assistance in putting together the data for my Doctor Who poster detailing all the actual meetings between the main characters for the 49 years the program had been in existence. I planned on pulling all the data from the IMBD web site collecting the cast lists. I figured it would have a week of some and I would have all the data. Jüran told me he could pull it all down with a little python program. I asked how long it would take and he said about an hour or two. that sounded much better than a week or two.

After the data was collected we created the first network display and needless to say it was a mess. There was nothing coherent that could be seen. Jürgan then said, lets remove any character which only has one connection as a single link can't be that important. With that the general shape came into being. I knew this was the right way to go but some of the single connections were important. it was easy to then add in those important links at the end.

In the end we added the title, legend, and different nodes detailing the various types of connections.