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Earth PD, The Comic Book

When the company I was working for got it's doors shut, I was at a loss for how to occupy my time while looking for work.Though looking for work is a full-time job in itself, I still needed something to fill the void.

So in the spring of 2016 I took up a project suggested to me over 50 years ago by a lifelong friend. I was going to write, draw, ink, color, and letter my own comic book. In my current studies of public domain properties I found a plethora of comic book characters usable by anyone with no strings attached. Some were fantastic while others not so much. But it was the weird ones that caught my attention. I also wanted to do it differently than all the other takes on the subject. For one thing the four-color process always fascinated me and I wanted to know if it could be recreated digitally in Illustrator. I used Illustrator for my Data Art but this was the first time I would draw with the program. Turned out it was more difficult than I expected. I learned the constraints of working within a 64 color palette and did extensive research into the Ben-Day cot and line system.

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Earth P.D. #1


As with any new project the first part is the most difficult and time-comsuming. Between the research and the practice sessions the book took eight months to complete. When done, the back cover was noticeably more refined than the front cover. This is a good thing.

Much thanks goes to Scott McCloud and his excellent video on setting up digital lettering. I found this five pages in and it made creating pages much easier.

Earth P.D. #2 - done


Issues #2 went much smoother and faster. But I was still working out the kinks to the digital four-color process on crappy newsprint system. I had developed a dot-pattern system but wasn't entirely happy with the results. It wasn't until the end of issue two did I stumble upon one key element that showed me a better way of constructing Ben-Day dots. Since this issue was done I decided to wait for issue #3 to implement this new method.

The other issue that was solved was finding an inking tutorial with a downloadable set of brushes which I have found to be an excellent starting point for any new inker. This Spongebob Inking Tutorial is part of a series but this particular one contains a link to the brush set.

Earth P.D. #3

In The Works

With issue three the problems with the Ben-Day dots and brush adjustments were complete. That allows me to give more time to the writing, penciling, and layouts that had, unfortunately,become secondary during the first two issues.

The books available for reading are online as a web comic at Comicfury