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Food Chart

I had just opened a package of trail mix and thought, how many of each type was in this mix. So I sorted them out and grouped them into a lovely little pie chart.

And even though I detest pie charts, it seemed perfect for a silly chart like this.

I Don't Like Baseball

While looking for more data to visualize, I saw a news story on TV about baseball. It dawned on me that this is the epitome of data collection. They idolize every piece of data. So I took a look.

Scanning the I found an article about the World Series. That sound like an interesting subject that would have a definitive amount of data. And that is one of the more important things to think about when looking for data to visualize. If there's too much data, it becomes a bloody mess.

After sorting and compiling the data, I set to visualizing all the data on a line chart. Placing each team's win/loss record and their World Series appearance lacked some appeal. I wondered what I could do to improve the background. I got the idea to merge all the win/loss records together and set each team's individual record on top coloring the background a light brown and the individual team's record in blue. Now I had my background.

Turning the World Series appearances in yellow made them stand out and a quick glance tells you a team's appearances and whether they won or lost.