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Terminator Narrative Map (Almost) done

This project came together much quicker than I expected. I thought I'd be working on it into next week. But everything seemed to fall into place and I'm putting the finishing touches on it.

There were a variety of problems thought. Not with the actual project, but with Illustrator acting up. Between the "Can't save file. Unknown error." and the problems moving the file between the Windows and Apple computers. For a while I thought the file was completely gone and I'd have to revert to an older version but after four attempts to save it, it finally opened up on the Mac.

This was definitely a case of an Instant Gratification Project. I needed to get a project finished as the last one I completed was the Superhero Timeline in September. Three months is a long time between completed projects.

The First Terminator Movie Narrative

Here's the first Terminator movie narrative. The entire map is 45 inches long so there's nothing to see if I post it in its entirely (at least not yet.) The first movie was the simplest. Three characters all within a fairly straight line with the occasional deviation off the main plot line.

The picture for the dead was a tossup between the Terminator metal skull of the flesh face of whatever terminator did the killing. The metallic skull with the red glow won out rather easily.

The map was a bit of mess in its first iteration. But after reading some of the scholarly papers on the subject of narrative mapping, I took their advice and cleaned up mine and it looks much better. The main idea I took from these papers was attempting to make as many of the character lines into straight lines from left to right. It's such a simple idea but goes a long way toward neatness.

So the entire chart will be posted either by the end of the week or early next week.


Back To Work

I really believe that my lack of progress in the month of December was due to the holiday season. Between work and getting ready, I had no desire to work on my own projects. But now that the holidays are over, the dam has burst and I'm actually making progress on multiple projects.

Terminator Narrative Map

The best progress has been on the Terminator Narrative Map. After reading a few scholarly papers on the subject it's given me a new view on my design. The best thing is, all these papers were as a result of Randell Monroe's Lord of the Rings chart—the same one that inspired me to make narrative charts in the first place.

The authors of these papers have come up with solutions to many of my problems like clustering, wiggle lines, and scene vs. location differentiation (and yes, those were the terms in the papers.) After a quick review I made some small corrections and was pleased with the improvement I saw. Cleaner timelines that were much easier to read.