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It's really nice that someone collected a lot of data on the Star Trek Tropes. is a wonderful rabbithole. It's really unfortunate that there are so many holes in the data. But that's to be expected when you get data from the web.

There are pages for each episode with a list of the tropes they found. But I've also found tropes to some episodes from other links which are not listed on the episode page. Some of the links were found by random searches of other supposedly unrelated tropes. So no matter how much I search, I can never be sure to have gotten all of them.

So a decision needs to be made as to how through the search needs to be and just when will I stop looking for more. I must also be ready to be satisfied with what I find knowing it's an incomplete list.

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I'm finding more and more tropes accidentally on pages I hadn't expected. None of them are present on the the franchise or episode pages. In essence, most of the tropes I'm finding are mostly by luck. It's fortunate I've got some time to kill on this project before work begins in ernest with Jürgen.

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