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Pop Culture Data Artist, Infographics, Network Design Art, Technical Writing...

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Site Overview

Welcome to my art space. This is a collection of past and future art and data work. The site is being revamped to concentrate more on current projects.

Any news about the web site changes will be posted here.

I just did a major overhaul of the site. Setup the top menu as the main pages, deleted the sidebar links, and removed some of the past stuff I probably won't be revisiting in the future. It's best to only keep the current material I'm working on rather dwelling on the past. That's one reason all the writing stuff left. I'm no longer looking for technical writing work. Seems employers liked me up until the time I walked into the interview. Then they wondered what this old guy was doing here. Now I look toward my art because nobody can tell me I'm too old to be an artist.

So from now on it's only the new art I'm doing that will be shown.


Faux Superheroes of the Golden Age

I have started a new series of drawings based on my love of the golden age superheroes. So of which are truly too weird to be believed. With that thought this series will attempt to push the sensibilities of over the top.

Vitamin Man is the first in the series based on the crazy idea of Blue Beetle, Dick Cole, And The Great Defender that taking some special vitamin formula you could develop superpowers. In the examples, these heroes were endowed with physical gifts greater than normal men.

Vitamin Man takes this is a different direction as each vitamin gives him a different ability. But similar to Ultra Boy from the Legion of Superheroes, he can only use one vitamin at a time.

The series will take many of the silliest origins of the golden age and, well… make them sillier.


Is It Really Art?

I'd say that for the past two weeks I've been doing my art. That said, I haven't put pen to paper in all that time. So how can I say that I've been doing my art?

The answer can be found in the subtitle of this web site in the words, Data Artist.

When people look at the Star Trek Duty Roster or the Buffy Body Count, they ask me how long it took to create that. I respond, three months. Of that three months, over two months was spend collecting, sorting, and normalizing the data in Excel in preparation of moving it over to Illustrator. It's a long and laborious procedure but there's no other way. Each sheet… each row… and each column must be painstakingly checked to ensure that the data is correct. Then, and only then, do I open up Illustrator and begin the process of creating the final chart.

So that's what I'm doing do. Watching each episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to collect the data in order to make this next project.

Is it art? It's part of the process I use to create the final data visualizations. So I believe it is art. Just not the traditional actions most artists do when they create their own art.


Con Season Is Over

The con season for 2017 is over. It was good and bad, but generally more good. I am not preparing for 2018. I've started signing up for the cons I'd like to attend. I will be updating this page on a regular basis this winter with news of future projects.

I'm also getting some new projects underway.I'll be getting back to the Star Wars Timeline and have started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in preparation to create the NextGen Duty Roster. It won't be quite like the Original Series poster. Too much data to fit into that format. There will have to be a redesign. I'm working on the best look for this new project. Both are scheduled to be done by the 2018 con season.

I've also got two new comic pieces started. First is Semicolon Girl, a character thought up by a friend at a newspaper after have an in-depth discussion with another copy editor about the use of the semicolon. Secondly is my resurrection of an old character I did in the 1990s, The Pearvert. It will be a bit more of a risqué style based on some of my favorite 1960s underground comix. I hope to have them for the April Steel City Con.

More updates on these projects coming soon.


Now that that's settled…

I've been quite busy the last few weeks. After attending a few shows in the past two months I've realized some things I did well and others, not so much. So I'm in the middle of correcting things. And that has taken up most of my time.

The main thin I'm correcting is product assortment. For the most part I had mostly large and most expensive items (i.e., the posters.) The realization that this might not be the optimum mix was when I got many people saying, "I don't know if I've got wall space." It certainly hammered home the point that big isn't always better.

So this last month was devoted to figuring out what projects I had finished, or had in the works that could be finished, to fill in that lower end range. So y schedule has been much trial and error getting as much as possible together to have printed for December.

And that's why I've been ignoring this blog of late. Too much to do and not enough time.