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Pop Culture Data Artist, Infographics, Network Design Art, Technical Writing...

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Facebook - Talk and images mostly about golden age comic books. Best place to leave a detailed message.

Instagram - Images and posts about progress on art projects. Many will be the in-progress ones when developing a project.

Tumblr - Interesting pages and panels selectively pulled from mostly newer comics.

Earth P.D. comics - My 1940s style comic done entirely digitally. Currently working on issue #3.

Twitter - Not my most active account but I follow some very interesting people.

Comic & Art Events

SteelCity Con

August 11-13 2017

Artist Alley

WV PopCon

August 26-27 2017

Possible Attendee

Camp Comicon

September 8-10 2017


Greensburg Pop-Up Art Show

September 8 2017

Artist Alley

Youngstown Indie Creators

September 9 2017

Artist Alley

Nittany Con

September 23 2017


Parkersburg Con

September 30 2017


BlurrieCon 5

October 13-15 2017


Akron Comicon

November 4-5 2017


3 Rivers Con

May 20-21 2018

Artist Alley

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Site Overview

Welcome to my art space. This is a collection of past and future art and data work. The site is being revamped to concentrate more on current projects.

Any news about the web site changes will be posted here.

I just did a major overhaul of the site. Setup the top menu as the main pages, deleted the sidebar links, and removed some of the past stuff I probably won't be revisiting in the future. It's best to only keep the current material I'm working on rather dwelling on the past. That's one reason all the writing stuff left. I'm no longer looking for technical writing work. Seems employers liked me up until the time I walked into the interview. Then they wondered what this old guy was doing here. Now I look toward my art because nobody can tell me I'm too old to be an artist.

So from now on it's only the new art I'm doing that will be shown.


Added One Con And One Show

Added a local Pop-Up Art Show in Greensburg, PA on September 8th followed by the Youngstown Indie Creators Show in Campbell, OH on September 9th. Nothing like booking back-to-back shows.


Poster Display For Cons

After Steel City Con last week, I've had to rethink how to display the posters at a small table. I'm meeting with a friend who had done set design for a local stage company. Best to check with people who have build things for unique situations.

I'm looking to get rid of the table. The posters took over all available space and make it difficult to show anything else on the table. Instead I'm looking at building three walls out of PVC piping and material. The posters, and many of items, will be hung from pipes and cloth. I'll probably look into putting grommets in various positions to string ropes for hanging things.

The other item I'm looking for is a poster holder like I've seen in stores like Spencer's Gifts. They hold a large amount of posters in a condensed space while still allowing people to flip through all the posters. With most of work going large this might be my best bet.

DJ said it would take time to come up with what works best. He was so very right.


Game Of Thrones Poster

Game of Thrones

Now begins the collection of the data for Game of Thrones. The plan is to have it completed for the December Steel City Con. That's a tight schedule but I think it's doable. I'd like to have it ready for the holiday season. It was the most requested future project from the portfolio so I thing it would be a good endeavour.

As always, time, cats, and petty annoyances will all come into play to determine if this project will meet its deadline.


I had been told that season 7 was the last and that would have allowed me to finish the chart by December 2017. Upon checking out the schedule, there will be a short season 8 next year. The bad thing is the poster will not be available until December 2018. The good news is I've gotten a really good headstart on the project.


SteelCity Con August 2017 is done

Just finished my three-day stint as an artist at SteelCity Con. It was both to tiring and uplifting at the same time. Most attendees were unsure of what data art is but they appreciated it nevertheless. I'd have to say this firsts show was successful enough to warrant a continuation. I am looking into further shows in the general area this late summer and fall which I may attend.

The other items I learned was from the response I got from my portfolio book. I brought it to gauge whether some of these pieces would be worth getting prints made. There were pieces in the portfolio which got more reactions than the pieces I had on display. You never know what people will be interested in.