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Pop Culture Data Artist, Infographics, Network Design Art, Technical Writing...

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Site Overview

Welcome to my art space. This is a collection of past and future art and data work. The site is being revamped to concentrate more on current projects.

Any news about the web site changes will be posted here.

I just did a major overhaul of the site. Setup the top menu as the main pages, deleted the sidebar links, and removed some of the past stuff I probably won't be revisiting in the future. It's best to only keep the current material I'm working on rather dwelling on the past. That's one reason all the writing stuff left. I'm no longer looking for technical writing work. Seems employers liked me up until the time I walked into the interview. Then they wondered what this old guy was doing here. Now I look toward my art because nobody can tell me I'm too old to be an artist.

So from now on it's only the new art I'm doing that will be shown.


Kennywood Comic Con After-Thoughts

After tabling at cons for the past year and a half, it felt odd not sitting in a seat behind my table. But I realize it's a move in the right direction. Much of my art does not appeal to the general con goer.

You either have to 1: Be very good at doing fan art, especially quick sketches on-site; or 2: Have an excellent original idea that they've got developed.

As to point 1,I'm not into to doing general fan art. There's nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't appeal to me. Regarding point 2, I have many ideas but the only one that I've developed into a duly-formed idea is my data art. And those pieces have had many people take a long, slow look at the posters but in the end, it's not what they came to the con to buy.

So after a half-dozen cons I felt it was time to admit it's not the best area to sell my work and look for another avenue. That's why I went to Patreon. This will also allow me to test some other styles I've had in mind. Some even more removed from what is sought out at comic cons.

If you're interested in my work, please, check it out at the link above.


I'm on Patreon now

As of today I have stopped tabling at the comicons. My work is just not fan-centric enough to make it worth the time and money. Now I will concentrate on promoting my work through Patreon.

There is a button (or a link depending on the browser) off to the right. Click it and you will be taken to my Patreon page. I am just getting started uploading material so please, be patient.

Instagram may get many of the instants posts it's the Patreon which will have an explanation.


3 Rivers Con & Erie Comicon

Just returned home from 3 Rivers Con. I'm tired (2 days in a chair) and I'm sore (2 days in a chair.) But it was good. Sales could have been better but the contacts were great. A friend from Ohio had their crash space evaporate and Kelci called me to see if there was room at my house. After okaying it with the boss, we made room for her and her friend Kampy.

On Sunday, Kelci asked if the Erie con people allow sharing tables, would I be interested in half a table at Erie. With missing out on two I wanted to table at and still waiting for a third I definitely said I was interested. Will find out shortly if that happened.

Mostly I had some excellent conversations with veteran con people who had suggestions for both my art direction and table setup. Both need tweaked before the next show.


2018 Art Update

After a few missteps in trying various art styles, I'm going back to my two favorites. Data Art and Pen and Ink. And many will have the two combined.

Click the images for a larger image in a new tab.

The latest is the Discworld Social Network, a chart displaying the major characters from each story and how they are connected to each other. This is being created through a program I used while at CMU (Carnegie-Mellon University). You put in the connections of people, places, and things and who knows who, etc., etc. It then makes a display of those connections. Since it is not the best display for a display poster, it all needs to be recreated in Illustrator.

I am currently working on drawing six roundels, four of which have been inked. The longer part of this project will be the verification of the data connections. Forty-one books is a lot of territory to cover.

The second project in progress is a revamp of the Superhero-Comic to Live-Action Timeline. This project was shutdown in 2014 when it became apparent that the glut of superhero movies, and the cvast amount of characters within, made this display impossible. I am currently re-thinking how to cut out a large amount of noise and make this a viable project again.

One suggestion was to only spot a character's first appearance in a comic then their first appearance in live-action media. This would certainly cut down on the amount of data points. Further research will be required.

Since there is no prototype, here is the original as far as it got in 2014.