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The Present

I love designing art with data. It's a style of art that's becoming more apparent everyday. Taking data which may appear flat and turning it into an image that people can understand—That gives me satisfaction. Solving problems also helps make a job interesting. So one thing I look for in a job is how interesting the work will be.

This website contains my data art and visualizations, essay and technical writing, networks, design, maps, charts, and info-graphics. It's a combination of research, design, graphics, and writing up the finished piece. But there's also the beginnings of the data visualizations projects using network analysis, d3.js, text mining, and design tools. It's never too late to learn a new trick or three.

Dr. Pfeffer [Jürgen] and I write articles for the Doctor Who magazine, Whotopia and have sent in our second Doctor Who sonic screwdriver article to Whotopia. We'll be seeing it appear in print shortly.

In the sidebar to the right is a list of projects showing the extent of this website. They give an overview of my current work and the direction it is taking.

The Past

Before I began work as a data artist, I worked as a technical writer, multilingual desktop publisher, graphic designer, database admin, calligrapher, painter, data entry operator, lingerie model photographer, file clerk, overhead crane operator, carpenter, and lifeguard. I've done a lot of things in my life and I'm always looking to learn more.