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Star Trek Spiral

Work has begun on the Star Trek graph. It's the Buffy Spoke and Wheel which will institute many changes. Creating external css and js files, neutralizing the function names, and pulling data json files. All things I knew needed done but were of secondary importance to getting the graph to display properly.

All necessary improvements as I intend to use this structure for future graphs of TV shows.

It's all about reusability.


Replacement Feet

This week the last of the little rubber feet came off my laptop stand. The computer now slides easily on the table. Makes it difficult to type a coherent sentence. So I began checking into replacement feet.

I was at Best Buy and inquired into replacement feet. They had none on stock. They asked what stand I had but I couldn't remember the exact model so they couldn't do anything. Then I was told that there might not be any parts to order even if I did have the model. This trip was a waste of time and very discouraging.

Back at home I looked up how to make replacement feet. The video most whacked out was one was using a low temperature hot-glue gun to build up glue into replacement feet. That sounded like it had a 50/50 chance of working.

Then I came across a video that suggested going to the hardware store and purchasing little rubber or felt pads. They come in all sizes and they're really cheap. Home Depot is nearby so off I went.

An hour later I am able to type on the computer without it slipping around with each keystroke. Much happier working conditions now.


General update

Just noticed it's been a week since my last post. Haven't been that busy, just been keep mildy occupied.

Got my github fixed yesterday. It was a case of unfamiliarity with the command structure of git & github. Paul helped me get it all straightened out and many commands were written into my cheatsheet. I'll need to figure out a better organization for all those commands. It's said if you have a background in Unix, git and github will make sense. To me, it's the most unintuitive system I've ever run across. I'll be happy when I cross that crest in the learning curve and stop making those n00b mistakes.

Did a few more improvements on Buffy. Even though it is finished, there's always room for improvements. The source line wandered off the right edge of the screen and was fixed by putting in a wrapper to envelope the entire html code. It now keeps the line within some sensible bounds. I did get the source line from butting up to the chart but it's a cheat. Need to work on the positioning structure of html & css. And I finally got the character images to come up whenever their button is pressed.

Took a break from watching Star Trek. The data needed tended to as I had accumulated many entries that did not have a proper trope. I sorted out many of the attraction tropes moving many to love/kiss/hug tropes. I need to do the same with the fight tropes but that may be a daunting task. Found there are ten-fold number of fighting tropes as there are attraction tropes. I decided to incorporate a tag system. That will enable me to sort the list by keywords and see how deep I need to divide the tropes. Currently I'm at 1499 entries and I'm only on the third episode of the second season. Probably looking at over 5,000 entries when I'm finished. And that's with only tracking a few particular tropes.

Working on getting pip installed so I can try out Jürgen's new python script. I needed a script that would scrub a web page and return all it's links. The idea is to pull down the main page of links from particular sci-fi shows for comparison. I was going to ask Paul to assist but the github fix took much longer than we expected.


Star Trekkin' Across The Universe

One more episode of the first season of Star Trek: TOS to watch. Then I can clean up the data and send it to Jürgen for review. After seeing the data, he will determine what will be the best tropes to about for our paper. On the other hand, I will include all the tropes I've collected in the d3js visualization.

With each episode I log I see how many beloved tropes are either overstated as to the number times they happened or happened many, more times than people think they did. I need to determine how to display these not single, as well as, stacked viewing.

The biggest misconception I see (at least in the first season) is the assured demise of redshirts in landing parties. Though I believe it got worst in seasons two and three. The trope I was interested in was data pad. Although it didn't get it's name, Padd, till NextGen, the device was prevalent throughout the first season. It was a heavily used set-piece throughout the first season. Waiting to see if that trend continues.

Although most people think Kirk bedded a different woman every episode, I'd say his exploits have been highly inflated. The best Kirk did was holding hands and getting a kiss from Edith Keeler.

Getting ready to watch the last episode of season one. Data will be cleaned and compiled then sent off to Jürgen. Then it's onto season two.


Scourge be github

I understand how necessary it is to learn github. That doesn't mean I have to like it. It's a maze of commands, toggles, and paths that is utterly confusing to the uninitiated. It's also extremely easy to mess things up, sometime beyond recognition.

While attempting to create a new Star Trek repository I seem to have confused github about some parameters and, *cough cough* the config file. Also, github isn't sure where my 'origin' is and so far I've been unable to provide it with the correct information. I've duplicated by repository, just to be safe, so that no matter what I do my work is safe. I'd have to say it's an interesting learning experience.

At this time, Paul is in Seattle and unavailable for comment. Don't want to bother him on his trip for his (potential) new job. It does, however, give me impetus to try to fix it myself. The github help is better than most but it's still geared to people who have done command line systems (which remind me a lot of Unix.)

Once again, the difficult, functional parts of this project need tended to meaning I don't get to read about more exciting things like new and improved libraries of d3 code.